GNYAGG Expanded


The Rise Of the Greater New York Avenue Gateway Corridor:

A Jewel On The Anacostia

Engage. Evaluate. Execute.

Collaborate with subject matter experts, government officials, business leaders, community members and more to create an action plan for an inclusive, sustainable, family-friendly destination via the Greater New York Avenue Gateway Corridor.

Enjoy Four Exciting Panels & a Tour of the Gateway

Defining The Gateway


 A panel discussion that will set the stage for the entire symposium, which will explore the neighborhoods and the culture of the Corridor while trying to brand and promote the Corridor in a positive light.


Defining the Gateway will include a stunning presentation to kickoff the day along with a riveting discussion on topics such as: 1) Renewed Interest in the Corridor, Overview of Neighborhoods, 2) Branding and Promotion - Arts, Culture, STEM, & Creative Economy, 3) Artistic Welcoming Gateway Structure and Signage, 4) Place-making/Public Spaces/Walk of Fame and Hope (a place to honor D.C. leaders and unsung heroes), 5) Public and Playable Art.




Making A Great Corridor Greater


 The Greater New York Avenue Corridor is getting better by the minute and has something to offer for all ages and walks of life. This panel will tackle pressing and exciting issues that are guaranteed to spark a lot of interest and motivation to make the New York Avenue Corridor Greater.


Topics will include: The Anacostia River, Greening, and Impact on Economy/Environment, Housing Options, Transportation Options, Traffic Control, Bike Lanes, Accessibility, Creating an Inclusive, Family Friendly Environment, and the Anacostia Riverwalk.




Ensuring Economic Vitality, Opportunity, & Diversity

Championing Causes, Making Things Happen


 The old adage says "If you build it, they will come". For the Greater New York Avenue Gateway we should say, "If the community wants it, we will push for it." The last panel will provide tools that will empower stakeholders to build strong communities and destinations by working with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and Civic Groups, advocate for community benefits packages, and to achieve goals through the strengthening of action and master plans.




Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available

Symposium Key Details

Date and Time:


Saturday, April 25, 2015

9:30 am - 2:30 pm




The Annex at Mt. Horeb Baptist Church

3515 Earl Place, N.E.


Purpose of Event:


To improve the Greater New York Avenue Corridor.


Who Should Attend:


Interested parties who want to work with GNYAGG, leaders, and stakeholders to help improve the appeal, livability, economic vitality, and accessibility of this major Corridor no matter where you reside or work.






Registration Details: